The Best Bread Made fresh everyday

Commute to work on a dark winter’s morning and the Bakery shines like a beacon of light and loveliness – not to mention the enticing smell of freshly baked bread and ground coffee at 7.00am .

Irish Soda Breads

 From the ovens – Bannocks , both fruit and wheaten , a wide variety of teascones and our popular healthy option Dalriada Loaf made to a 100 year old recipe !

From the Griddle

Slims – fruit and plain , which are basically a griddle made teascone with a slighly smoother and richer taste .

The traditional soda farl – along with our potato bread ( fadge ) forms a staple part of our coffee shop’s award winning Ulster Fry .

All our soda breads are made with local buttermilk , eggs ( free range from Great Taste Award holders Ballyeamon Eggs )

Some of our Artisan Breads 

Multiseed Low G. I. Healthy option

Spelt Low Gluten – Healthy Option

100% Wholemeal  Healthy Option

Granary Wholegrain  Healthy Option

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